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Freezer Beef

We offer ½ sides and full beef lots for sale. You can select from our commercial, pure bred Angus or our Akauski beef animals as available.


We are now taking orders for 2021 get your spot reserved with a call today

(606 407 3869).

New Partnership with Garrison Meat Processing in Garrison, KY.

We are pleased to have worked the last two  years with our neighbors, Corey Collins at Garrison Meat Processing to provide your family with the highest quality farm raised beef products. Cory professionally processes your beef to order, uses a 21 dry aging process for improved flavor and tenderness and vacuum packaging for excellent freezer shelf life. You will have a specific pick up date at his processing plant for your meat order. 

We work hard to raise a superior quality beef product. Our genetically balanced calves raised on the farm are feed a diet of grain and hay to  grow a lean, highly marbled carcass and provide an excellent beef tasting experience.

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