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Our Story

Triple M Black Herefords Farms is a fourth generation farm located in the rolling hills of North Central Kentucky near Maysville, KY. The “Home Place” roots date back to the 1800’s belonging to our Great Grand Parentsgreat grandparents. 

Triple M Farms today is owned by three brothers, Tommy, Larry, and Mike Manning. Each of the brothers have a passion for farming and have had successful careers outside of the farming operation with major Agriculture companies in the Industry.

Triple M Farms is very diverse and involved in several different facets of the beef industry.We maintain a registered herd of Black Herefords, a registered Angus cattle, offering for sale top genetic bulls and heifers from each bred. In addition we maintain a commercial cow herd of a few hundred head, each year offering for sale certifed bred heifers in May and October. 

In the fall of 2020, we introduced registered Akaushi bulls into the commercial beef cow herd. The Akaushi bred originated from the Wagyu bred in Japan. It is known for it’s remarkable marbling, tenderness and taste. The F1’s developed from this program will be marketed directly to a licensed packing plant, with some being developed on the farm and sold locally for superior freezer beef.

In addition to the beef operation, Triple M Farms grows corn, soybeans and hay, with round bale hay available for sale in most years.

Black Herefords at Triple M Farms

​Larry became familiar with Black Hereford cattle in 2012 while traveling in Texas, but never got serious about bring them into the herd until 2015. Since 2015, the brothers have been aggressive in their pursuit of building a Superior herd of Black Hereford cows. Much of the herd have been developed thru the development of our own F1 heifers utilizing the genetics from our registered Angus cow herd and crossing with the best registered Hereford genetics available. We have used several embryos and semen from well-respected breeders all over the country to develop superior Black Hereford cattle. 

Our goal is to produce Superior genetics, quality meat and develop animals that perform in real life situations outside the show barn.

​Akaushi at Triple M Farms

These Wagyu-type cattle are known to handle a warm environment and perform for today’s cattlemen. This Japanese breed is known for their exquisite marbling, higher ratio of heart healthy fats over saturated fat, and for their beef quality traits born developed over decades of meticulous data collection and controlled breeding.

Angus at Triple M Farms

Triple M Farms started our registered Angus herd over 15 years ago with a focus on raising genetically superior cattle and striving to balance phenotype and production. Using a progressive embryo transfer program and AI semen from the top bulls in the industry from the beginning has helped accelerate and elevate Triple M Farms Angus to genetically superior cattle that fit well on a real farm.

​Please feel free to contact us and we would love to have you come for a visit to the farm.

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