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Certified Bred Heifers

Triple M Farms is Your Headquarters for Heterosis. Crossbred cows producing composite sired calves provide up to a 2o% improvement in pounds of weaned calf per cow exposed over straight bred cows and calves! We have a group of select crossbred heifers available every Spring and Fall.

We have been doing heifer development at Triple M Farms for several years, producing sound heifers, ready to calf and perform in real farm conditions on your farm for years and years to come. Our heifer breeding program is based on proven cow families that are selected not only for growth and performance but also longevity, structure, appearance, efficiency and docility.

We select our best heifers from our Angus/Hereford influenced commerical herd along with several F1 heifers for our certified bred heifer sale. They are pasture bred by one of our top calving ease purebred bulls. We then do all the work to get them ready to help you maintain and build a profitable cow herd.

All bred heifers are checked and certified by a vet:

  • Heifers reproductive tracts are evaluated and yearling pelvic measurements must be greater than 160 sq. cm.

  • Heifers are vaccinated for protection against IBR, PI3, BVD, BRSV, Vibriosis & Leptospirosis

  • Heifers are dewormed and treated for external parasites

  • Heifers are inspected to eliminate shorts, scarred eyes, rat tails and light muscled heifers, etc.

  • Heifers are preg check before sale, and guaranteed pregnant.

  • Heifers are pasture bred to calving-ease bulls with known calving ease direct and birthweight genomic enhanced EPDs.

We offer high quality bred heifers you can count on for years without all the work.

Call today for information, private treaty sale or our next sale date.

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