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Your Partnership with us 

Starts Here.

Triple M Farms, “it’s the legacy of our family.” Triple M Farms is more than a piece of ground, more than the crops and cattle we care for. It holds memories, traditions, and the sweat and tears of generations of our family.

We put our name and reputation on what we do, we strive to make sure we do it right and we stand behind what we sell and promote.

Triple M is a working farm owned by a family that believes in farming, the cattle industry and the continued success of farming. We are guided by simple principles; faith, honesty, dedication to family, and a passion for the agricultural industry. In short we are a strong, faith-driven family. It is important that we connect with other farmers, consumers and the community not to sell something, but to learn, promote, improve and help the cattle industry, promote farming in general and support our community. So if we can learn from others, help our fellow farmer, a neighbor, the community that is a good day at Triple M Farms.


We are ready to work with you in a number of different areas if they fit with you:

1) Freezer beef: ½ side or total beef available. We work with a local processors that handles everything, including a 21 day dry aging process or we can deliver it to your local processor if you desire.

2) To help build your herd genetics with cattle that work:

- Registered Angus bulls and heifers offered each spring and fall

- Registered Black Hereford bulls and heifers offered each spring and fall

- Certifed bred heifers offered each spring and fall

3) Round bale mixed hay, barn kept, available most years

4) A call or visit to discuss our operation, your operation and if there is a way to help.

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