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Akaushi Bulls 

Our goal is to increase the demand for beef, by offering a healthy, fresh, consistent, high quality full flavor, premium beef eating experience.  

Akaushi, this is not just another cattle breed. It is the Japanese red Wagyu breed of beef cattle, known in its native Japan as the “Emperor’s Breed.” They did not exist outside of Japan until 1994.


The breed originated in Kumamoto, Japan, developed to provide the remarkable marbling traits Wagyu-type cattle are known for in an animal that can handle a warm environment and perform for today’s cattlemen.


This Japanese breed is known for their exquisite marbling, higher ratio of heart healthy fats over saturated fat, and for their traits born from decades of meticulous data collection and controlled breeding.


“Call 606- 407 3869 for freezer beef availability, pricing and ordering.”


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